Why We’ve Gone Paleo

Why we have gone paleo

My husband and I have decided to embark on a Paleo journey. Why? Not because it has become a popular thing to do.  January 2014 I decided to do Whole 30 in order to feel better and see if food had anything to do with my headaches and sickness.  I felt amazing!  When I went […]

Easter Egg Fun


I love Easter eggs! Confession: I dyed Easter eggs every year even when I didn’t have a kid. Dying Easter eggs is just plain fun plus you get to eat them when you’re done.  It’s like the healthy version of decorating Christmas cookies. If you aren’t sure how to dye Easter eggs it’s incredibly simple. […]

Creamy Paleo Bacon Brussel Sprouts


Growing up I always assumed that I hated brussel sprouts.  Since my mom never made brussel sprouts I put this disdain squarely in the hands of TV shows. These creamy paleo bacon brussel sprouts have certainly changed my mind.  Even if you don’t eat paleo you are sure to love these bacon brussel sprouts; I […]

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies- Recipe


My husband LOVES frosted sugar cookies so I knew when I went gluten free that this was one recipe I needed to master.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t very hard to convert the beloved sugar cookie recipe my Mother in Law gave to me into an equally as fantastic gluten free version. Score one for me!  Depending […]

Flying with a Booster Seat- What you need to know


Flying with a booster seat- What you need to know One of the biggest issues with flying with your early elementary age kids is the booster seat. Most states require children under 8 who have outgrown their car seat but do not fit properly in an adult seat belt. Be sure to read the booster […]

Benefits of an Insurance Agent

This post is sponsored and like all of the content on LisaBranam.com is aimed at helping you do more, whether it is saving you time, money, or making your life better. Benefits of an Insurance Agent Whether you need car insurance or insurance that will take care of your family after you die, there are some […]

Texas Chili Recipe- it’s Paleo too

Texas Chili Recipe- It's easy, delicious and Paleo - See more recipes like it at http://lisabranam.com

In case you didn’t know, because I sure didn’t before moving to Texas, Texas chili has no beans.  They say “real” chili has no beans.  I’m not so sure about that but since Texas chili has no beans it’s Paleo and most importantly it doesn’t give you gas. My chili has won several cook offs […]

Keeping it Real


If you’ve real my blog at all you know that I try to be honest so were keeping it real today. I’m not perfect. You aren’t perfect either and that’s okay. Jesus is the only perfect person who ever lived so let’s let go of the expectation to be perfect. I’m sort of a mess […]

DIY Piranha Plants- Mario Party

DIY Piranha Plants for a Mario Party

Little man had a Mario Birthday party for his fifth birthday. We made a lot of the decorations including Boo ghosts, Goombas, Star Balloons, a Question Box pinata and or course these Piranha Plants and pipes.  You can read all about the other Mario Birthday Party details. This project isn’t hard but has a few […]